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Batches Collection 

This is my first programming scripts release for now..

Containing various script works, that can be found very useful in your daily life!  do not edit copy or sell any portion

of those scripts.  if you like this product tell your friends Dinoraptor101 made it :P

Digimon Rumble Arena SoundTracks Download:

Very rare and hard to find, and when I did,
I made sure I'd keep them safe here
and for others to download ^_^ meow  have fun!

Digimon Tamers Karaoke Part 1

I made this file with collection of my favprite 2 or 3 songs performed by Wada Kouji.

and Karaoke versions with Lyrics in txt files ^_^ compatible on any mp3 player.. and can be viewed on almost any computer!!

Me Signing: Digimon The Biggest Dreamer

Well here I am Practising to sing I uploaded my voice recording to youtube.. ^_^  wanna rate me?  please please !! you're welcome! 

Arabic DUB of Japanese Anime Songs Rare Collection

This is a very very rare collection me and my friend Demor de zoldik managed to collect ^_^

Have fun !!


Renamon Windows 7 Themes

^_^ Hi guys recently I made those cool Themes from Renamon paintings that awesome people drew :3 I hope you all love it

 I hope you love them..   (Alternative Download available on my wordpress blog)

Raptoras Loss

 Dedicated to my friend "Sasuke88" Registered & Protected


talk to the computer using a batch based application Registered & Protected
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